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How Instagram Confuses the Shit Out of Entrepreneurs

I’m confused by Instagram. I’m not even talking about filters, fillers, and belfies (yeah that’s a butt selfie). It’s the endless stream of conflicting and hypocritical business advice that permeates the feeds of anyone looking at business inspiration pages.

I picked these off in about 5 minutes. Some were right next to each other on the same page:

March 28, 2019 by Bunsters Worldwide

Bunsters Life Tips: Proper Prior Planning Prevents....

So it's been a big week at Bunsters. We went to the factory and cooked many thousands of bottles of sauce as we've been running low in Australia. Our new distributor has been ploughing our sauce in to supermarkets all over the east coast. We actually had to send him an email saying: SLOW DOWN, STOP BEING SO GOOD AT YOUR JOB.

They framed that email and stuck it on the wall. I saw it when I was there. Funny buggers. 
August 17, 2018 by Bunsters Worldwide

Bunsters Life Tips: How to stand up to a bully

So on Hot Ones this week we had legendary NBC weatherman Al Roker. Monkey Boy didn't recognise him - he said "Isn't he the fat guy who does the weather?" Yes he's had a gastric bypass and has lost heaps of weight. 
August 03, 2018 by Bunsters Worldwide

Kangaroos are big rats

So last week on Hot Ones they had a couple of blokes I've never heard of because I am over the age of 30 by some years and I don't watch a genre of music called "You Tube Rap". I don't have any CDs in my 2001 Ford Falcon with "You Tube rap" on them to be honest. 

The blokes are called Rich Brian and Joji. Brian used to go by the name 'Rich Chigga' but he changed his name after a few people got offended by it. I have no idea why this is offensive to Americans:
July 27, 2018 by Bunsters Worldwide

Bunsters Life Tips: How to smoke 80 joints a day

So the big time celebrity who ate my hot sauce on Hot Ones last night was none other than Wiz Khalifa who is someone I've actually heard of! He's a rapper, actor and a weed entrepreneur. Yes he has his own strain of weed named after him and he apparently smokes about 80 joints of it a day. 
July 27, 2018 by Bunsters Worldwide

How Getting Fat Shamed Will Help You Lose Weight

It was the one hot sauce fans had been waiting for. We'd heard through the grapevine that Comedian Tom Segura was going to be on Hot Ones and last night the episode dropped online. 

He was such a nice guy, really hurt himself with the wings, nearly puked and tears came out of his eyes. He also proved he was a fan of the show by telling Sean his favourite Hot Ones moment so far:
July 20, 2018 by Bunsters Worldwide

Chilli Choccie in Australia

I forgot to tell you a few weeks ago that we have some chilli chocolate for sale online in Australia as it's sort of winter here (in some parts of the country.) 
We only have 7/10 available and it's on the site now - www.bunstersworldwide.com
Shipping is $6 but if you buy 4 items of anything (except stubby holders) shipping is free so why not head over and stock up on a few choccies and sauces.
July 13, 2018 by Bunsters Worldwide

Have you tried the Bunsta-Burger??

Good news! If you live in the East of Australia and you want our sauce stocked at your local independent store - ASK THEM TO STOCK IT!! We now have full national distribution so there is no excuse not to have it in your local. 
July 02, 2018 by Bunsters Worldwide

5 Good Reasons Why You Should Not Start a Business

UNPROFESSIONALISM DISCLAIMER: I have made a small fortune from making and selling a product called “Shit the Bed Hot Sauce”. While everyone else was pretending to be as professional as possible, I stood up and said: “I’m a complete joker.” I disrupted the market and won the race. If you can’t handle swear words or straight talking, perhaps you should go read another riveting article about the workplace scourge that is “Unconscious Gender Bias”. For everyone who’s ready for a bit of tough love, read on….. 
June 20, 2018 by Bunsters Worldwide


So sorry I haven't written for a few weeks but behind the scenes we have been losing our minds, running around like headless chooks getting a shit tonne of these bottles produced and shipped in to the United States: 

What's the Hot Ones? If you don't know -  GET OUT NOW AND DON'T COME BACK (or watch this)
And for a bit of background about what we've gone through check out my official announcement:


June 01, 2018 by Bunsters Worldwide