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Bunsters Life Tips: MTV Cribs came over to my house!!!

Hey Guys,

You may or may not be aware that I've been incredibly successful from making this little hot sauce called Shit the Bed. So successful in fact that MTV Cribs came around to my house to scope out all of my cool shit.

I didn't do this interview to make people jealous, I did it to hopefully inspire you to try harder every day. If you work really hard at something maybe one day you will be as rich as me.

Not to criticise anyone but you know, you could all try a little bit harder, that's all.

xx Bunster



HA HA HA HA PISS TAKE!! That car actually blew up a few weeks ago and I got $400 for it from the scrappers. I am now the very lucky lucky owner of a hand me down car from my family. A fully sweet 2001 Ford Falcon with 340,000kms on the clock. She's a peach mate. Waste not, want not - that's what I always say. And the biggest bonus of being a scab, you never have to go shopping or make any decisions! 



Renae Bunster
Global President 


April 20, 2018 by Bunsters Worldwide
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