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Bunsters Life Tips: Proper Prior Planning Prevents....

So it's been a big week at Bunsters. We went to the factory and cooked many thousands of bottles of sauce as we've been running low in Australia. Our new distributor has been ploughing our sauce in to supermarkets all over the east coast. We actually had to send him an email saying: SLOW DOWN, STOP BEING SO GOOD AT YOUR JOB.

They framed that email and stuck it on the wall. I saw it when I was there. Funny buggers.

The cook didn't run as smoothly as usual. If you'd like to re-live the kind of pain I experience every day of my life watch this video:


BTW they're the kind of stories I post on Instagram if you want to watch my shenanigans over there find me @bunstersww

This week on Hot Ones was a lady named Issa Rae (Video here). Yeah I'd never heard of her either. BUT last week Michael Cera was on - you know him - the geeky kid from Superbad, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, This is the End, Arrested Development. He has managed to have a really awesome career playing the same geeky teenage character for about 27 years.

But he was a bit of a prick towards me and my label. Which made for great television:
(btw the offensive infantile things I yell at him are all lines from Michael Cera movies. NSFW) 



What a duplicitous taint. Use that insult in a sentence this weekend. Enjoy your beers, you've earned them.

xx Bunster





August 17, 2018 by Bunsters Worldwide
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