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Kangaroos are big rats

So last week on Hot Ones they had a couple of blokes I've never heard of because I am over the age of 30 by some years and I don't watch a genre of music called "You Tube Rap". I don't have any CDs in my 2001 Ford Falcon with "You Tube rap" on them to be honest.

The blokes are called Rich Brian and Joji. Brian used to go by the name 'Rich Chigga' but he changed his name after a few people got offended by it. I have no idea why this is offensive to Americans:

How strange. Well anyway the Indonesian kid was fine as is to be expected but the half Japanese kid nearly died by the end. It was quite funny to watch:


The most interesting thing they chatted about was spurred on by the inclusion of an Australian sauce in the line up. They talked about their favourite funny viral kangaroo videos. That one where the roo has a dog in a headlock is quite hilarious. I love how shocked the roo is after the dog's owner punches him.

This is a good time to mention to the Americans reading that in Australia we eat kangaroos and they're the only land animal that I eat.

I like kangaroo meat because they aren't "farmed". They're wild animals that get shot, chucked in the fridge and then they're brought in to the abattoirs to be processed. This means that they're completely free range (actually called "open range") and they get no human interference with hormones, antibiotics, medicines or even contaminated foods. They are completely organic and the meat is very low in fat and is a lot cheaper than organic farmed animals.

From an environmental perspective eating roos is awesome. No one wastes any food or water in the production of them. They have nice lives and then one night they see a bright light and die. They haven't had a shit life in one of those feed lots. If you're in Australia there is one brand of roo meat in Coles and Woolies called K-Roo. They do hamburgers and sausages too. Give it a bash.

I think the equivalent in America would be going out and hunting elk, deer or those moose type beasts. You know those bastards with bits of wood stuff hanging out of their heads. Weird animals if you ask me. I prefer two legged bouncing marsupials that will get your dog in a headlock, then sit back and kick you in the dick with both feet. Thats a normal animal where I come from.

New shirts, beanies, bucket hats, hoodies, singlets and even poo themed mugs! I had no part in commissioning this poo mug, I swear. I'm a little shocked by it to be honest.

Ahh I've just been told it's actually the sauce - it's a photo of the sauce, not poo. PHEW HOW TASTEFUL! I'LL TAKE 20!!

Enjoy your week.

x Bunster

p.s. Start collecting your empty Bunsters bottles as we've got a hot sauce making kit in the pipeline. Got some awesome recipes so save your bottles.


July 27, 2018 by Bunsters Worldwide
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