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        Crowdfunding Video Diary - Week 12 (9th November 2015)

        In this week's backers update we road test our packaging to make sure your sauce will arrive in one piece.


        Crowdfunding Video Diary - Week 11 (2nd November 2015)

        We reached our target - 100% Funded! 

        Thanks to all our backers, Bunsters is now a reality. In this video update find information on when we'll be shipping your hot sauce, and how this week we got mentioned on 4 different awesome websites.

        Find out also which You Tube stars nailed a Shit the Bed Hot Sauce eating challenge. Watch the full (and painful) video here.


        Crowdfunding Video Diary - Week 10 (24th October 2015)


        In this week's backers update hear all about what went wrong, what went right, what are we doing now and the funniest email I have received yet.... Thanks for watching YAY!!!


        Crowdfunding Video Diary - Week 9 (19th October 2015)

        Backers update for our Crowd Funding campaign week 9. We're at the factory this week!

        Hear all about the last minute challenges facing us to make this cook happen to get your hot sauce to you in time for Christmas....


        Crowdfunding Video Diary - Week 8 (9th October 2015)

        Backers update for our Crowd Funding campaign week 8. This week hear how we:

        Fixed our website (and have now raised 88% of our goal)

        Have bought all the ingredients for our first big cook.

        We're booked in at the factory to cook on October 19th and I'm on track for a November delivery. Getting quite excited now! Thanks again for helping me to make this new hot sauce a reality.