"Family Pack" of 6 Sauces including Shit the Bed (Free Chili Chocolate and Free Coozie!)

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Nothing says "I care about you" more than a gift of Shit the Bed hot sauce. Well, maybe a super awesome selection of Bunsters Sauces.


In this gift pack we'll deliver a selection of our sauces to your front door. This includes 2 bottles of Shit the Bed - the most famous hot sauce in the world. 



You'll get:

  • 2 bottles of Posh BBQ Sauce (~1/10 Heat),
  • 1 bottle of Hot Sauce - 7/10 Heat, 
  • 2 bottles of Shit the Bed - 12/10 Heat
  • 1 bottle of Black Label - 16/10 Heat
  • 1 bar of Chili Chocolate - 7/10 Heat FREE, and 
  • 1 super awesome Coozie FREE 


Posh BBQ Sauce


  • What's in the finest bbq sauce ever made?
  • Like all other BBQ sauces it comes from a base of tomatoes and vinegar and has just the slightest touch of heat (1/10 heat). But that’s where the similarities end.
  • I chucked in cacao so it has a rich velvety chocolatey mexican mole feel. Heaps of Dill and mustard so it oozes that burger sauce taste.
  • Australian truffle oil which makes it fancy, roasty and bloody posh.
  • I even chucked in whole Black Perigord Truffles from Tasmania.


7/10 Heat


  • Bunsters Original recipe with a standard hot heat to suit all spice lovers. The trademark sauce full of fruity, savoury, salty and sweet notes. Birds eye peppers seamlessly melds with zesty oranges, rich tomatoes, sweet Goji berries and cheeky hints of garlic, onion, lime, ginger and fresh herbs to create a truly addictive sauce that complements any meal.
  • Warning: This product is a gateway sauce. It will lead to harder things. 


12/10 Heat - Shit the Bed

  • The world’s finest hot sauce coming right up! Treat yourself, or give someone special the gift that keeps on giving. Nothing says "I care about you" more than a bottle of Shit the Bed hot sauce. 
  • Shit the Bed is the world's finest super hot sauce that is loaded with flavour. Packed with Scorpion peppers (the #3 hottest pepper in the world), orange juice, garlic, goji berries, onions, lime, ginger and herbs this is the one hot sauce hard core chili heads keep coming back to. We don't use pepper extracts in our sauces so there's no funny after taste, just whole pepper goodness. Funny branding makes this a fantastic gift for any spice lover.
  • Warning: This product might make you shit the bed.  


16/10 Heat - BLACK LABEL

  • We took the world’s finest hot sauce and doubled the heat! Black Label is twice as hot as Shit the Bed, but still has our amazing trademark flavour. Treat yourself, or give someone special the gift that keeps on giving. This is the hot sauce that finally shuts up the loudmouth who says nothing is ever hot enough.
  • Shit the Bed Black Label is the world's first ultra hot sauce with delicious flavour. There are so many scorpion peppers in this sauce it was hard to pack in any other flavour, but we did it. This sauce is a feat of modern hot sauce engineering. People will love you if you give them this sauce. This sauce changes lives. 
  • Warning: May cause anal leakage

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