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1 x Hot Sauce (8/10 Heat) (Previously 7/10 Heat)

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Bunsters Original recipe with hot heat to suit all chili lovers. The trademark sauce full of fruity, savoury, salty and sweet notes. Birds eye peppers seamlessly melds with zesty oranges, rich tomatoes, sweet Goji berries and cheeky hints of garlic, onion, lime, ginger and fresh herbs to create a truly addictive sauce that complements any meal.
A scoville rating of 2000 means this sauce isn't extremely hot. Will suit most novice chill fans.
Warning: This product is addictive.


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"I put it on absolutely everything. I actually think my husband loves me more now because of how much better my cooking tastes"
"I think of my life in terms of BB and AB - Before Bunsters and After Bunsters. It's the best hot sauce I've ever eaten and I'm from New Mexico. I can't live without it. When I start to run out I get antsy. I have to have a stash of it"
"I started out eating the 3/10 and have worked up to the 7/10. I never thought I'd be a hot sauce person but now I feel like more of a man. Thank you Bunster"

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