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        Looking for the perfect Xmas gift for someone who has everything? Look no further. The following deals are running until 8th December 2022 or while stocks last. 

        2-for-1 Best Seller Gift Set

        Sort two Xmas presents at once with this 2-for-1 deal on our best selling gift set.
        Coupon : Click here, add 2 to your cart, then use the coupon 2HOTONES


        In this gift set you'll get:


          • 2 bottles of Posh BBQ Sauce - Mild, 
          • 2 bottles of Original Hot Sauce - 8/10 Heat, 
          • 2 bottles of Shit the Bed - 12/10 Heat, and
          • 2 bottles of Black Label - 16/10 Heat. 

        All for $70 delivered to your door. 


        Free Bottle with every

        Fresh Ones Gift Set

        Get any bottle of your choice free when you buy a gift set of our new hot sauces.


        Coupon : Click hereadd the Fresh Ones Gift Set and any bottle to your cart, then use the coupon FRESHBROWN 

        Now you’re sorted for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and even Dessert!

          • 1 bottle of Green and Gold Sauce - 8/10 Heat, 
          • 1 bottle of Spicy Ketchup Sauce - 6/10 Heat, 
          • 1 bottle of Bunsters Hot Honey - Mild Heat, 
          • 1 bottle of Salami Sauce - 8/10 Heat, 
          • 1 bottle of any sauce of your choice.