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Posh BBQ Sauce

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For too long you've been putting up with watery, vinegary, bland hot sauces that all taste and look the same – boring!

You need an exciting hot sauce - you need Bunsters Shit the Bed.

Bunsters Fresh sauces are full of flavor and come in the most beautiful bottle you’ve ever seen.

Once you try it you’ll throw out all the forgotten old sauces in the back of the fridge.



Bunsters adds 11 different fruit and veggies to every meal – in a delicious rich sauce full of flavour, heat, vitamins and minerals.

Add it while you're cooking and take your meals to the next level.

It makes an awesome gift and will give you something funny to talk about at the next BBQ.



In late 2015 we ran a crowd-funding campaign and raised $250,000 to pay for our first large batch of sauce. 

Thanks to the support of our loyal backers, Bunsters is now shipping all over the world.

Order some today to find out why this is Australia's favorite hot sauce.