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In November 2014 a bored mum from Perth created a hot sauce that changed the world forever.

Renae Bunster packed the sauce full of wholesome Aussie fruit and vegetables. She made it so hot she thought no one would be able to eat it, and gave it a silly throwaway name:


What happened next no one could have predicted. 

Not only was the name so funny that the whole world wanted to buy it, but the sauce was actually the perfect blend of heat and flavour that hot sauce fans had been searching for their whole lives.



Scorpion and Birds Eye chillies give Shit the Bed it’s 35,000 scoville rating. It’s packed full of Aussie fruit and veg. It’s all killer and no filler and the people loved it.

Our little hot sauce from Australia made it all the way to the top of Amazon USA's best sellers list:

But some people said...

Renae make one hotter! 

So along came Shit the Bed’s big brother - Black Label. Clocking in at 99,000 Scovilles it was so hot it was the first ever non American sauce to earn a place on Hot Ones. It was the 7th hottest sauce, right before Da Bomb. 

Hot Ones Hot Sauce 

  • Bunsters Hot Sauces range from a mild to mega hot and are packed with all the goodness and flavour of whole fruit and veg. We even do a no heat BBQ sauce
  • Loaded with Scorpion chillies, Goji Berries, orange juice, garlic, onions, lime, ginger and herbs this is the one hot sauce chilli lovers keep coming back to.
  • No chilli extracts are used, no preservatives, no GMOs, no gluten, no xanthan gums or other crap. It’s all killer no filler.
  • Our sauce might make you shit the bed, but we don’t guarantee it. We do guarantee that it will make your meal absolutely delicious or you can keep the bottle and we’ll give you your money back.

  • You can taste the fresh ingredients in each bottle
  • Perfect for Hot sauce enthusiasts searching for the perfect mix of flavor and heat 
  • If you think Sriracha has good flavor, prepare to be blown away by Bunsters
  • It’s packed with pure fresh Aussie in your face flavor

  • In 2018 Bunsters released a BBQ sauce. But it’s not like all the others, it’s Posh.
  • It has black truffles, cacao, dill, mustard and a heap of other delicious things in it.

Hot Sauce

    $65.00 – Comes with 4 empty Bunsters bottles-

    I think you’ll love my hot sauce making kit. I’ve packed years of sauce making knowledge and recipes into it. I’ll teach you the secret to making delicious hot sauces by just using Bunsters Black Label and some simple ingredients you already have in your kitchen. No cooking or blending required, just mix and shake. Save money, time, landfill and create awesome sauces all by yourself.

    • THE EASIEST HOT SAUCE MAKING KIT ever invented. Mix and shake your own hot sauce using simple ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Then design your own labels using the blank labels included.
    • STEP 1 - MIX INGREDIENTS directly into an empty sauce bottle (using the funnel and measuring glass included).
    • STEP 2 - JUST SHAKE. No blending or cooking required. This kit includes one bottle of 16/10 Heat Bunsters Black Label hot sauce which is so hot you'll be using as the base for your hot sauce recipes.
    • STEP 3 - CREATE YOUR OWN BRAND of hot sauce (using the blank labels and pen included). Imagine making your friends awesome gifts they'll love.
    • GREAT GIFT for the spice lover in your life. This is the ultimate kit every hot sauce fan NEEDS on their shelf. It will blow your mind how fast and simple it is to whip up a delicious sauce.

    If you can make toast then you can make hot sauce

    Once you know my hot sauce making secrets you’ll never have to endure another bottle of disappointing hot sauce ever again. You’ll also learn how cheap it is to make sauce from scratch. One bottle of Bunsters Black Label can make you 10 bottles of hot sauce!


    • HILARIOUS GIFT IDEA - Perfectly priced as a stocking stuffer or Secret Santa present.
    • QUALITY PACKAGING - Custom made ‘Dom Perignon’ Champagne inspired bottle, as this sauce is the ‘champagne of hot sauces’. Gorgeous, extravagant packaging reflects the quality of the sauce inside.
    • GIVE HIM THE GIFT THAT KEEPS GIVING - Bunsters is a great gift for dads, gift for sons or gift for uncles.

    • We’ve made the Money Back Guarantee nice and simple

    • We are so confident that you’ll love your Bunsters Hot Sauce so we’re not gonna play games with you

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    • You can even keep the rest of the bottle

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