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Shit the Bed hot sauce is funny. People laugh at the mere mention of it. So if you work for a publication / station where the word Shit is ok – this is a great way to get a lot of laughs and some virality on your social media pages.


Pictures of Shit the Bed go viral all the time. So make sure you use one of our professional photos from this page. Even photos taken from my camera phone have gone viral. 


Suggested TV / Radio ON AIR pranks

Chilli Roulette


A great one visually too so if you film things and promote them on your Facebook page this one looks great. You get a lazy Susan, put 2, 3 or 4 bowls (however many presenters or participants you have doing the challenge.) You get them to sit around the table and spin the plate. Each bowl contains hot sauces of differing heats – you could use one of each of our sauces as they look quite similar.

Once the plate has stopped spinning everyone has to take a spoonful of whatever sauce has landed in front of them. Hilarity ensues.


Guess the soup


Your victim will not even realise they are being set up for an hilarious prank. You get a selection of soups and they have to guess which soup it is. They could even be blind folded. So there is carrot and coriander, pea and ham, French Onion and then you give them Shit the Bed. It smells delicious, it looks like a soup, they’ll be thinking “Hmmm looks like tomato”  and then bammo. Chilli.


Who do you trust?


You tell your victim that one bowl contains a very mild chilli sauce, tell them the other one contains a hot sauce called “Shit the Bed”. They have to choose which one (and which presenter they trust the most) and choose the one to eat.

The joke is that both of the bowls contain Shit the Bed so you get a funny reaction no matter what.




Have a recording device rolling (and someone subtly filming.) Leave the cameras rolling and have the crew in on it the joke so they catch the prank. Put some Shit the Bed Black Label in to someone’s sandwich / croissant / salad – whatever they normally eat so they aren’t suspicious. Hilarity ensues.


These pranks are great for putting on your Facebook page. People love watching other people in agony eating hot sauce.


Handy headlines and facts for Journalists










  1. People think it’s the funniest thing they’ve ever seen. It’s called Shit the Bed, and it’s a really hot chilli sauce. HOW LOL!! 


  1. It’s been featured on some of the best gifting websites around the world (and on Buzzfeed) as “THE HOTTEST must have Christmas gift”


  1. Superstar DJs like Diplo, John Digweed, Peking Duk and Danny Howells have all endorsed Shit the Bed in photos and on their social media accounts (see Bunsters Instagram @bunstersww for proof)


  1. The 16/10 Black Label Shit the Bed can cause almost instant vomiting / diarrhoea if you consume a shot glass of it. (Video proof on Bunsters Facebook page) This sauce was invented in 2016 after a few nut-jobs complained the delicious signature sauce 'Shit the Bed 12/10' wasn't hot enough


  1. It is the perfect Secret Santa gift, not too expensive, cheeky, hilarious and suits someone you do or don’t like in the office. Fuck you boss, or wink wink nudge nudge for your mate.


  1. It’s actually delicious. Most hot sauces taste like fire, burning, vinegar and a strange chemical pain. This sauce actually tastes like fruit, vegetables and saucy, chilli, deliciousness.


  1. It’s actually hot. Most hot sauces promise heat but the only pain they deliver is that of bitter disappointment. 


  1. It’s the perfect gift for any man, woman or child who has ever had any interest in eating chilli ever.


  1. It’ll make Christmas lunch exciting. Everyone will want to try some and you don’t know who will end up shitting the bed. Now that’s entertainment. 


  1. It has a massive cult like following around the world despite being only a two person business from the most isolated capital city in the whole world (Perth, Western Australia)


  1. Despite the business tripling in size every year they always sell out at Christmas time because the sauce inevitably goes viral, as THE must have Christmas gift. 


  1. The company holds the world record for crowd funding a hot sauce. In 2015 Bunsters raised $250,000 AUD to produce the product on a large scale and start shipping it around the world. 


  1. It’s healthy. The 7/10 sauce adds 15 different fruit and veg to every meal you’re eating including the super food Goji Berries. Shit the Bed adds 12 fruit and veg.


  1. Every bottle contains more than 2 of your 5 a day of fruit and veg servings


  1. Internet Sensation ‘Ozzy Man’ has eaten the 16/10 Shit the Bed sauce during a Facebook live and nearly died


  1. A photo of this hot sauce has gone viral multiple times (check the Bunstersworldwide.com for the proof). It can give a journalist a massive boost in your career, make you look awesome in front of your colleagues or just help you not get fired this week. Give it a go!


  1. The woman who created the sauce used to be a Freelance TV journalist in London for The BBC, CNN, Reuters, Associated Press, SNTV, ITN, Living TV, GMTV, Sky News. Basically every TV outlet in London in the swinging naughties (2000’s). She's available for interview or comment:
Ph: +61 447 772 069 (GMT +8)


  1. The product ships internationally, to every country in the world*

*Except North Korea and Iran because PayPal don't play ball with them


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