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AND you'll win a bottle of Bunsters hot sauce!


We're running a super easy competition all you have to do is share a picture of Shit The Bed and mention our website. You can put it on your page on Facebook, post it on a funny site like Reddit or any other place where it can be shared. There's a very good chance it will go viral and be great exposure for your page. Have a look at some of the other entries...... all they did was share....

We'll give away a bottle of sauce to any page that gets 500 shares. If you get 5000 or more we'll send you 10 bottles of sauce. If you enter please drop us a line to let us know you're in the running.


Want a bit of action on your page? Share this meme and rack up a lazy 350 thousand likes like 9Gag did:


The 800 pound gorilla of the internet got hold of a few bottles of Shit The Bed and shared them around the office. Their review was shared over 4000 times on Buzzfeed's Facebook page(s) and was 'trending' on Buzzfeed for 48 hours. Nothing tastes as good as trending feels.


The behemoth of all online news bulletin boards - Reddit got hold of a picture of Shit the Bed. It got 4600 upvotes and 1.8 million views within 10 hours catapulting us to the top of the funny page and creating a massive viral wave for us. Thank you to that person who thought they saw it in New Mexico? LOL.

The Kyle and Jackie O Show

Watch Australia's number one radio show use Shit The Bed to prank Intern Pete live on air with hilarious consequences.

Kyle: "Take him out we can't have him die on air"
Jackie O: "You can't die from it because it's on the market"
Kyle: "Well, that hasn't really been tested"

List Posts

List Posts put us at the top of their list of the best hot sauce names. The album had had over 51,000 shares the last time we looked.

Their photo of our bottle got shared a whole heap on it's own too.

All Things Bogan

Paul had no idea what would happen when he shared this picture someone sent him. He got over 8400 shares and over a million views in under a week. He's now the proud owner of 10 bottles of Bunsters hot sauce.

See what Paul the Bogan had to say



... all the while this humble post racked up 20,000 shares and a similar number of comments and likes on our Facebook page.


Laugh or Leave

Funny meme page Laugh or Leave earned themselves ten free bottles of sauce with this awesome meme. Pinning it to the top of their page saw the shares just creep up and up and up. 8,300 shares. Thanks so much guys!


Humor is Contagious

Same picture. More shares. More LOLs.


Running Through Hell Wearing Gasoline Panties

15,000 shares and counting!


Legendary DJ John Digweed

Even superstar DJs want in on some free hot sauce action. Digweed couldn't resist taking the piss out of fellow DJ Danny Howells, winning a free bottle of sauce in the process. No doubt as auspicious as winning the title of Worlds Best DJ. He shared this to his combined 800k followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. John you are a legend in so many ways.


Yup, That Exists

Yup, that exists shared a picture of Shit The Bed alongside the best and worst inventions on Earth. We're between the suitcase that doubles as an electric scooter, and the artist who spray paints imaginary homes around homeless people in L.A.


The Oddity Mall

Odditymall featured Shit The Bed alongside a heap of awesome unique gifts and people shared the crap out of it.


The Chive

Shit The Bed hot sauce was featured in The Chive, a popular website which gets over 1 million visitors a day.


Boar it up Ya...

Boar It Up Ya Magazine shared the photo to 10,000 of their fellow feral animal shooters in Australia and it blew up. Well over 500 shares by the time it died down. Dave scored a bottle of sauce for his awesome efforts. He's now addicted to it and has become a distributor!


Redneck Recipes

This regular old photo post has been pinned to the top of this page since August 21 and look at how the shares have crept up. That doesn't happen every day. Leave it pinned a bottle is coming your way soon....

ASS MY Laugh Off

Extra points if you can say "Ass My Laugh Off" ten times while rubbing your stomach and patting your head.

Mexican Word of the Day

Shit the Bed means "Flavour" in Spanish.


283 Shares in 3 days for just an easily shared photo! Attracted massive engagement and LOLs for the page which only had around 1000 likes at the time.

The post that started it all...

5316 shares in a couple of weeks in December 2014 created a massive viral wave that cemented 'Shit the Bed' as THE Christmas present to have in 2014.

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