"The Ref" Queensland Wrestling Alliance

1 minute 23 seconds (link)


Matt from Wreckless Eating

1 minute 31 seconds (link)


Josh from Wreckless Eating

1 minute 47 seconds (link)


Dolph (Bogans and Beers)

1 minute 49 seconds (link)


Tommy Asguard - Queensland Wrestling Alliance

1 minute 53 seconds (link)


Zakk Gardner - Queensland Wrestling Alliance

2 minutes 11 seconds (link)


Seth Tylors - Queensland Wrestling Alliance

2 minutes 12 seconds (link)


Dane Chew Factor QWF

2 minutes 21 seconds (link)


Harais Waheed

2 minutes 40 seconds (link)


Matt Tangent - Aussie Hot Sauces

2 minutes 58 seconds (link)


Martin Nohl (Eating with Sasquatch)

3 minutes 14 seconds (link)


Luke (Bogans and Beers)

3 minutes 39 seconds (link)


Bill Moore

3 minutes 59 seconds (link)



- - - - -

Russell the Crazy Vaper

Tapped out at 4 minutes in. Thanks for trying mate.  (link)


FAIL (sadly they misunderstood the challenge)  (link)

Chris from Wreckless Eating

FAIL  (link)


  1. Get your hands on a block of Bunsters Shit the Bed Chocolate (USA, Australia, Everywhere else). If you've got an audience email me and I'll look after you. 
  2. Set up your camera and get it ready to push record.
  3. Get your stop watch or timer ready to go.
  4. Get the bar of chocolate. Do not open it.
  5. Push record, don't stop until the challenge is over.
  6. Say "Hi I'm XXX and this is the Bunsters One Block Challenge. I nominate XXXX to do it next" (if you can't think of anyone just say L.A. Beast. Lets all try and get him to do it!).
  7. Open the pack of chocolate on camera, let the camera see you open the box and then unwrap the chocolate.
  8. Start the timer.
  9. Start eating that son of a bitch. If you finish it, swallow it all and show us you have swallowed it. Then show the camera your time when you do finish it, state your time out loud. If you don't eat it all within 5 minutes you FAIL. But don't feel bad.
  10. If you are successful make sure you tell the video what your time was. Upload the video and email me a link (including your time) so I can record your time on the global leaderboard bunster@bunstersworldwide.com or via my Facebook page