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Bunsters info - We had to change our label!!


The great thing about still being a small company is that every time we go to the factory to cook we can make changes to our labels if we need to.

So we decided to bow to public pressure (and Woolworths) and change the name of our flagship hot sauce to: “Mrs Bunster’s Special Sauce.”

We understand that this might affect our sales BUT it means we’ll get stocked in every major retailer and we’ll be liked by everyone and never offend an old lady buying pig’s trotters at the local Butchers ever again. Because that’s what you should always do in life, change yourself, so that people like you.

Nahhh get fucked I’m just joking.

We made a few minor tweaks and I bet none of you pissheads will even notice. In 18 months not one person has asked why we dropped the “Fresh” from our original brand name “Bunsters Fresh.” I’ll tell you now.

We used to be Bunsters Fresh 

​We removed "Fresh" from our business name to get FDA approval to import in to the USA. You see our product is not literally “fresh” it has been cooked and put in a bottle. And apparently Americans need an official law in place to tell them what is fresh and what is not. They can’t work out the difference between a bottle of hot sauce and a lettuce by themselves.
**Fun Fact** Did you know Kinder Surprises are BANNED in the USA because it’s against the law to have inedible objects inside edible foods. You poor buggers are missing out on one of life’s great surprises, even better than finding out the gender of your child.

So you may or may not notice these changes…..

The line “The Finest Hot Sauce in the World” is now “The Finest Hot Sauce in the World, Made in Australia.”

As we have unexpectedly been so successful in the USA we really want to ram home the fact this is indeed an Aussie made sauce.

On the front we changed “With Superfoods” to “Gluten Free.”

Although both of these statements are still true and have always been true, I have been told repeatedly by people in the Gluten Free industry to SCREAM about the fact we are gluten free.

The problem with Celiacs is they’re not on a “trendy diet” if they eat gluten then they bleed out from both ends and die. So I’m doing those poor sad bastards a favour by making it clear on the front label. Also “Superfoods” are getting such a bad rap. Pretty much everything is a “superfood” these days.

I think I read an article about Emu Export beer being a superfood.

We changed “Hot Sauce with Flavour” to "Packed with Fruit and Veg" – it’s just more to the point. Anyone can add fake flavours and crap to make something delicious so I thought we’d get to the point and tell people why this sauce tastes so good. (Because it has 15 different REAL fruit and veg in each bottle - not powdered stuff.)

We have added our Scoville rating to the back label of every sauce. I have had an issue with “Scoville Ratings” for quite a while now. People just make them up. Unless someone has grown a new chilli then they don’t bother sending their sauce to a lab for testing as it’s expensive and usually really inaccurate.

For a long time we didn’t even offer a “Scoville Rating” for our sauces. But as we entered the American market it became clear we needed to do this.
We’re not being generous and we didn’t make up our Scoville rating. We used the proper calculations based on the chillies (peppers) we use and the quantities. And Monkey Boy did it so it must be completely accurate. But to be honest no one has ever said we must be lying about our Scoville Rating if anything we understate it. FYI people in the industry (serious hot sauce sellers) don’t even care about Scoville ratings, they know they’re mostly B.S.


Our Scoville Ratings

  • BBQ Sauce - Not spicy at all
  • 7/10 sauce - 1,800 Scovilles
  • 12/10 Shit the Bed - 35,000 Scovilles
  • 16/10 Black Label - 100,000 Scovilles

There are some other boring things we have changed on the label:

  • Changed MEGA HEAT 12/10 to simply HEAT 12/10. Just takes up less space. Less is more.
  • Had to make the USA nutritional panel bigger
  • Added a “Best Before” box on the label (So now you can clearly see the best before date)

So there you go, let me know if you see any of these changes in future but I bet you won’t even notice if I did change it to “Mrs Bunster’s Special Sauce.”

Love Bunster

Renae Bunster
Global President


March 02, 2018 by Bunsters Worldwide
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