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Bunsters Life Tips: I watched feminist bashing film "The Red Pill"


So I watched the controversial feminist bashing doco "The Red Pill". The film was banned from lots of cinemas in Australia and even Netflix wouldn't show it. The only way to see it is to pay to download it.

In the same morbid curiosity that made me watch "Two girls one cup" and Google "Blue Waffle" I just had to watch this film. Also my mate George keeps hassling me to watch it because he spent $6 on the download and he really wants to get his money's worth out of it. The tight arse.

I finally relented because I want to hear the arguments that moved film maker Cassie Jaye to make this doco, that and she has nice titties.

Let me start by saying I am not going to bash men, or women, I am going to bash Cassie Jaye who made the doco. Because it has the production values of a student film and has been researched and edited as badly as one with cherry picked personal accounts and facts.

For an example of a student film please see my 2013 masterpiece Shark Attack Survivor Story:



The main facts that the film does cover are:

1. Men are the victims of impregnation trickery

Yes some women are evil and horrible, but a lot of the time men just think with their dicks. You knew she desperately wanted kids, you knew she was a psycho and a liar and she needed a visa. But you kept on banging her without a franger, until whoopsie..... But enough of me ranting at my mates. 

2. Men are the victims of paternity fraud.

I didn't need to watch a documentary to learn this. If you've ever listened to Kanye West's hit "Gold Digger" there is one line in the song which explains it perfectly: 

"Eighteen years, eighteen years and on her eighteenth birthday he found out it wasn't his."

Kanye covered this one. Can we move on now please Cassie.

3. Men get fucked over when they want to get custody of their children. 

Definitely. If Bob Geldof taught us nothing, he taught us this. Cassie found some horrible (cherry picked) court incidents from the good old U.S. of A. where the legal system is to say the least, a shit show. Fortunately in Australia (and I hope other non litigious societies) things are a bit better for men. Two of my mates have 50-50 custody of their kids and it's great for everyone involved. Family Court in Australia generally does a good and fair job and there are appeals you can make. There's a family lawyer in my family so I've heard a lot about this stuff. 

Good and valid point though Cassie. Lets move on...

4. Men report being the victims of Domestic Abuse nearly as often as women do.
The film says 43% of cases are men and there are hardly any shelters for battered men. Nearly all shelters for bashed up people are for women. This is inequality and it's for a generalised reason the film doesn't mention much: 

Women have kids and kids need to be protected. Also just quietly in Australia twice as many women die at the hands of men than men die because of women. So you know there is the whole trying to save lives and kiddies thing. 

But this is inequality none the less, we'll give you that one Cassie. Good Second year Uni investigating there. 

And that was about it. The rest of the film just shows stuff to try and provoke a reaction. Like really angry annoying feminists being all "that time of the month-y." I refused to get sucked in by it. 

The only thing I wish this film was about was this:

Blokes are dying. Our men are the ones who get sacrificed every day to make our society work and we expect it and we all seem to be OK with it. It is a hard discussion that a pea brained chick with a Nokia 3210 camera and a 90 minute straight to You Tube film isn't going to get to the bottom of. 

It's the evolution of our species from cave people to modern day society where women nearly have equal representation in the workforce, but not in workplace fatalities. It's something we all need to discuss, down at the pub, preferably a pub with Skimpys so we can look at tits at the same time. 

My conclusions: it's hard to be a man today. It's hard to be a woman today. It's hard to be a teenager today. Today it's hard to be black, brown, white, pink or orange. I was orange once and it was a terrible week. 

Neither of these people are me. I just think this is funny.

The thing I find strange about this doco is that there was not one mention of men being forced in to sex slavery or being sold by their families to be child husbands. Oh that’s right because its not a problem for men but it is a massive problem for millions of women in the developing world that is holding back the advancement of whole countries. I guess I'm just a bit of a 'bigger picture' kind of girl though.

Soz Cassie Jaye but women as a global species, we've got bigger fish to fry than not enough YMCAs for old mate who copped a hot iron in the face. And that’s why people hate your doco. You got nice tittles though toots I'll give ya that.

Love Bunster

P.S. Sorry to anyone who didn't like this email. To the bros sorry if you feel it was feministy at all. I do understand how hard it is to be a man. You are expected to be tough, to do the hard dangerous work, to work away from your families, to do long hours to support us, to not cry, to not talk about how hard it is, how hard it is to come back from war, the shame of being physically hurt by a woman you love, to lose your kids or never see them, I get it. I was just trying to make light of this doco that is difficult to watch, for so many reasons. For chicks who didn't like this email, sorry but it's not my fault you're on your period.

Love Bunster

Renae Bunster
Global President


March 16, 2018 by Bunsters Worldwide
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