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Chilli Choccie in Australia

I forgot to tell you a few weeks ago that we have some chilli chocolate for sale online in Australia as it's sort of winter here (in some parts of the country.)

We only have 7/10 available and it's on the site now - www.bunstersworldwide.com

Shipping is $6 but if you buy 4 items of anything (except stubby holders) shipping is free so why not head over and stock up on a few choccies and sauces.

Fathers Day is 2 months away if you want to get organised for that and buy dad some goodies. But lets face it you'll probably eat it before then anyway but it was the thought that counted. You are really thoughtful like that.

We sold out of the Shit the Bed chocolate really quickly, we will get around to cooking some more but at the moment I'm focussing on creating some more hot sauces. There is still some Shit the Bed chocolate in stores around Perth.

Hang tight yanks, chocolate will ship again when it's cold (Amazon's rules not ours).

Joel Embiid on Hot Ones

So last week on Hot Ones was Joel Embiid, who is a massive basket baller and plays for the Philly 76ers in the NBA. The most amazing thing happened during this show - he knew our sauce. Check this out:

His team mate - Rookie of the year Ben Simmons is a bit of a prankster and he's from Australia. I think the biggest indicator that he must be talking about Shit the Bed is the fact that the expression "Shit the bed" is widely used in the NBA when someone screws up. The whole team would have found it hilarious and Ben would have been a hero for taking it in there.

You know the feeling when you show people your bottle of Shit the Bed for the first time? Imagine that from your basketball team - and your team is the Philly 76ers and you're the rookie of the year. What a champ Ben is.

Back home and some Huxtaburger stores have still got our sauce and are pumping out the Bunsta-Burger if you ask for it:
Deep fried chicken patty

Melted cheese

Mayo, lettuce, pickles and Shit the Bed
So if you have a Huxtaburger near you get on in there. My apologies for everyone not located near one. You are missing out. 

Until next week stay awesome.

x Bunster



July 13, 2018 by Bunsters Worldwide
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