Bunsters Life Tips: How to stand up to a bully

So on Hot Ones this week we had legendary NBC weatherman Al Roker. Monkey Boy didn't recognise him - he said "Isn't he the fat guy who does the weather?" Yes he's had a gastric bypass and has lost heaps of weight.
He was such a TV professional he didn't lose control at all. It was pretty boring to be honest so I had my way with him in Post production. Enjoy:


I was thinking about people I went to uni with who ended up weather people. It reminded me of this time where I stood up to a bit of a bully uni teacher in the most unusual way.

We had this teacher and she hated it when we were late to class. Which happened first thing in the morning. So she had a punishment for us. If we were late we had to get up in front of the class and sing a song. Our class was tiny there were only 18 of us in the class and we were all great friends. This punishment didn't seem that bad to me?

But I was never late. Week after week she would humiliate someone, by making them stand up in front of the class and sing a song. Something like "Mary had a little lamb" or some other nursery rhyme. My class mates hated it. It really did embarrass them and the teacher took pleasure in seeing their pain.

The day finally came when I was late. She said "OK Renae stand up in front of the class and sing your song."

I started by asking if there were any requests? No one said anything. So I said "OK how about something short and sweet. Spiderbait's Buy me a Pony."


Spiderbait : Buy Me A Pony - An Aussie Classic

I launched in to the song with gusto and screaming enthusiasm as it's only a 1 minute long song. I made eye contact with the other kids in the class. I pointed at them, I air guitared, I head banged.

I ended the song by jumping to the ground on my knees playing my air guitar, eyes closed, in the moment, owning it. All of my class mates cheered, some of them were singing along, tapping their feet, loving the show and the song.

The teacher said. "Thank you Renae you can sit down now." She had the biggest cats bum face I'd ever seen.


Cat's bum

A week later someone was late to class. They did the same thing. Picked a song they loved and enjoyed the attention and adulation from the audience, we all clapped and cheered along. We were all in on the joke, we made the punishment fun. We wanted another cat's bum. And we got one.

You know what - she never made anyone else get up and sing for being late again. We ruined her punishment.

I think there is something in that for all of us don't you.

Have a good weekend.

x Bunster




August 03, 2018 by Bunsters Worldwide
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