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Have you tried the Bunsta-Burger??

Good news! If you live in the East of Australia and you want our sauce stocked at your local independent store - ASK THEM TO STOCK IT!! We now have full national distribution so there is no excuse not to have it in your local.

Have you been watching Hot Ones? Last week they had on a guy I've never ever heard of. He's a You Tube tech reviewer called Marques Brownlee and he slated my label. This is all you need to watch of the show:

Basically he's a Gen Y kid who plays Ultimate Frisbee, reviews Iphones and drives a Tesla. If he wasn't so damn likeable I would hate him.

I played Ultimate Frisbee once. It was the only team I could scam my way on to to get to go to University Games on the Gold Coast a couple of years ago. The whole team was a rag tag bunch of pissheads that I grew to love dearly:

​I am mature only in age.....

Frisbee is basically one rung above Hackey Sack in the great realm of sports, however don't say that to people who take "Ultimate" seriously. I was met with this tirade from one stunned young man who's clearly been given participation certificates his whole life just for showing up:

"I'm an elite junior athlete! I represented my country in this sport!?! How can you call it Hackey Sack? That's offensive."

This launched me in to fits of laughter, which made him more upset, which made me laugh even more. When I recovered from the gut busting hilarity, I really started to fear for the future. People like this will run the country one day?!??!

I sat on the bench for most of University Games. The biggest highlight of the whole week was when everyone came home from partying and found a drunk guy asleep in my bed and I wasn't even there. Boy did that impress the kids. "Mum picked up then did a runner!! They all shouted and chanted."

I hadn't picked up. I actually got the kid kicked out of a club as we were drinking the Rum I'd snuck in from the hotel. We went back to get changed in to a disguise so we could get back in. Uni games has different dress up themes every night and we had plenty of things to wear in our apartment. So in the time it took me to go to the bathroom and get changed, this kid got in to my bed (which was the couch in the lounge room) and passed out. It was only 10.30pm.

So I left him there and went back out to the clubs. Everyone discovered him at about 4am when they got home and I was hailed a hero. They even took photos of him. For some reason he passed out protecting his balls with my ECU shirt:

And a big cherio to Lachlan from UTS who was on the mixed netball team in 2013 if you're reading this.

So yeah Ultimate Frisbee LOL. I'm not worried about this bloke slating my label. He actually hit the nail on the head. The label does need work as it was a rushed job. He's good at his job that Marques Brownlee.

​Anyhoo, we finally have a burger named after us down at Huxtaburger!! It's a deep fried crumbed chicken patty with melted cheese, mayo, lettuce and tomato and a generous dolloping of your choice of Shit the Bed or Black Label.

I got mine with a veggie patty and it was delightful. It tasted like a home made burger. It was so delicious.

It's only on for a limited time. It'll finish up this weekend or until the sauce lasts at each store so get down there so if they say it's finished ask if there is still any sauce there.

Huxtaburgers are located:
In Perth CBD on Hay street and in Melbourne:

And just finally I want to alert you to a fucking awesome business that saves the day for me whenever I need a special gift. It's the Inappropriate Gift Company and they create amazing things like this:

Who doesn't need one of these in their lives?

I am so in love with so many things on their site. But I am more in love with the woman who runs the business. She was working in a soul destorying HR job and was selling a few cheeky mugs as a side hustle. Then one day one of them went viral and she got millions of hits and thousands of orders. That was only late last year.

Since then she and her husband decided to go all in on the business. They both quit their jobs, she's gone on Shark Tank and scored an investment from Naomi Simpson and they are now walking the same scary and exciting path that Monkey Boy and I are on. It's great to know someone else out there is as silly, gutsy and funny as us. If you ever need a gift look at their page you will find the perfect inappropriate thing you've been looking for. They ship internationally too.

So until whenever I pull my finger out and write again..... and Monkey Boy isn't drunk.

Love Bunster




July 02, 2018 by Bunsters Worldwide
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