Bunsters Life Tips: How to make your own Tabasco (using Bunsters)

G'day Moit,

We cooked a fresh batch of sauce a few weeks ago and in the interest of quality control I cracked open a bottle of Black Label to test it and FUCK ME DEAD THAT SHIT IS HOT!!

I honestly don't know how it got that hot. We followed the recipe to the letter. I think the current batch of Scorpion Chillies we have are hotter than normal. Must have been a good harvest.

As the sauce turned out hotter than normal (and not weaker) I'm not worried. It's a bonus for you lot. You clearly want really fucking hot sauce if you're actually spending money on a product called 'Shit the Bed'.

When you see the new black lids you'll know it's the fresh batch. Any orders made from our Aussie site you'll get the new batch pronto (www.bunstersworldwide.com.au) and the new stuff has landed in the USA. Over the next few weeks it'll be filtering through the pipeline at Amazon and our warehouse so keep any eye out for the black lids!

I bet you can't even tell the changes we made to the label:

I opened this bottle of sauce and said: "I can't eat this?!? How in the hell am I going to make this edible? I will not waste it. Waste not, want not, scab 4 eva!" 

So I Ta-BUNS-co 'ed it. What does that mean? Basically you make a very salty and vinegary sauce using Bunsters, so therefore it doesn't taste like Tabasco but it's as hot, vinegary and salty as it. It's very easy to do:

In a 250ml (8oz) bottle add 2 teaspoons of salt and then these measurements of sauce and vinegar. You can use white vinegar or Apple Cider vinegar or a mix of both. I like a mix and as always - taste as you go bro:

To serve it properly you will need a bottle with a reduced pourer because it's too watery to serve in our sauce bottles.

We have been smashing this sauce all over our food in and around our mouths. 

Check out the video I made showing you how easy it is to make it. It contains a gratuitous shot of a young man in his underpants because he was asking for it by dressing like that. Enjoy.



xx Bunster


A picture of me in a nice kitchen brought the house down.

The people went crazy about these arsehole snaggers.


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April 26, 2018 by Bunsters Worldwide
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