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Bunsters Life Tips: How to smoke 80 joints a day

So the big time celebrity who ate my hot sauce on Hot Ones last night was none other than Wiz Khalifa who is someone I've actually heard of! He's a rapper, actor and a weed entrepreneur. Yes he has his own strain of weed named after him and he apparently smokes about 80 joints of it a day.

Lets work that out for a second - say he sleeps 8 hours a day, so he's awake 16 hours a day that means he smokes a doobie every 12 minutes??!??! How could you get anything else done? How stoned would he be all the time? This seems like it's not possible. How about all of that smoke in his lungs? That's like smoking 3 x 25 packs of ciggies a day? His lungs would be so full of tar they'd be black.

Anyway have a look at how he went against the wings of death:


As you can see, he's not a big fan of my sauce and he thought Da Bomb (the insanely difficult to eat sauce) wasn't as hot as mine, because as we all know he's high as fuck. And from the video you can see he barely ate any of the Da Bomb wing, because as we all know he's high as fuck.

It still blows my mind that America has made weed legal in 29 states (and they're thinking of making abortion illegal?!?!) I actually went in to a weed dispensary in Las Vegas a few months ago, just for research purposes. It was kind of like an iPhone shop only the security guards check your ID on the way in and the staff are nowhere near as annoying as the Mac store:

 The Reef Dispensary in Las Vegas

It's been over 5 years since Washington and Colorado legalised weed, paving the way for people like Wiz to cash in on the new industry that they clearly know more about than the rest of us. These are some of the most interesting things to come out of it:

Good things:

  • Overall crime rates went down to 40 year lows - the murder rate went down 13% in Washington
  • The rates of teenagers smoking weed went down in both states (I'd say because the 'naughty' factor has gone)
  • Hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue was created for both states that went directly to schools and community health centres
  • Deaths from opioid overdoses went down by 6.5% in Colorado (as opposed to going up every year like they normally do)
  • Cannabis is the fastest growing industry in the United States it was worth 10 billion last year and it's going up as more states relax their laws. To put it in to perspective Netlflix only made 9 billion from customers all over the world last year.

Not so good stats:

  • Traffic incidents went up 14% in Colorado (LOL)
  • There were 17 explosions at weed factories in Washington in one year (LOL)

I don't know about you but I'd like less crime, less kids smoking weed and less unnecessary drug deaths.... but yeah more car accidents isn't good. I don't want that.

Somebody get working on a weed Breathalizer and that'll sort that problem out. I really would much rather find kids stealing money out of my car because they have the munchies than because they're high on meth and aggressively seeking another hit, which is the only kind of crime we get on my street.

Anyway have a chat about that down at the pub with your mates this weekend.

x Bunster



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July 27, 2018 by Bunsters Worldwide
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