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How Getting Fat Shamed Will Help You Lose Weight

It was the one hot sauce fans had been waiting for. We'd heard through the grapevine that Comedian Tom Segura was going to be on Hot Ones and last night the episode dropped online.

He was such a nice guy, really hurt himself with the wings, nearly puked and tears came out of his eyes. He also proved he was a fan of the show by telling Sean his favourite Hot Ones moment so far:

Tom Segura on Hot Ones

Yes it was Trick Daddy talking about eating buttholes. I didn't even know that was a thing. I'm so innocent and Monkey Boy's breath is so fresh.

I did my research on Tom Segura before he came on the show by watching all three of his Netflix specials. His latest one 'Disgraceful' is fantastic. Deffo give that a watch.

He recently lost 50 pounds (22kgs) in a bet with his mate Bert who is also a comedian. They asked people to fat shame them online to motivate them. For Tom it worked and he won the bet! Good on that fat sweaty bastard.
In the extensive research I did on Tom he taught me three little words that have helped me to deal with all kinds of difficult situations, some of them quite recently, like at breakfast in my home with my family this morning.

Once you know these three little words you too will be able to cope with the shittest of people and situations.

Here's the bit:
We're not going to agree on everything but we should agree on this: if you bring a baby in to a movie theatre - you're a piece of shit.

If your reason for doing so is because you couldn't get a babysitter, well then you don't get to go to the movies. That's how that works.

It happened to me in back to back movies which statistically I did not think was possible. I'm watching the movie and I hear "WAAAAAHHH". I turn and in the row behind me there's a mother, a father and a baby. I'm like OK these people are insane, I'm just going to ignore this. I turn back.

30 seconds later "WAAAAAHHHH" and I'm like, well now I have to say something. I'm polite so I turn back and say "Excuse me are you stabbing your baby right now? Coz it sounds like it."
And the Dad goes (in heavy accent): "Noo I loove dee baby, pero no he's my baby"
And I said: "Well could you? Coz I'm trying to watch this movie and your baby is ruining it"
And he was like: "No puedo"

So I get up I go to the lobby I see the manager and I go: "Hey there's a fuckin baby in there, being a baby right now!"
And the manager goes: "Some people suck" and he walked away.
There you go. Three little life changing words. Don't get angry or upset, just explain it all away with: "Some people suck" and get on with your day.

You're welcome. Have a great weekend.

xx Bunster

Well this went a little bit crazy. Lots of Bunsters fans in Melbourne frothing over us finally arriving in IGAs there.

It's been a long 2 year slog for us to get awesome distribution happening over on the East Coast of Oz and now it's all kicked off. Whenever we get stocked in a new shop we put up a post in the local area to let people know and everyone in Mt Eliza went nuts this week.

Remember to ask your local independent supermarket, butcher or bottlo to stock our sauce and they will get it in. How could they not - just look at this reaction. This has never happened for any other product in the supermarket, ever. We're proud as punch:
July 20, 2018 by Bunsters Worldwide
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