Bunsters Life Tips: The best (Un-PC) comedy on Netflix


I pretty much only watch stand up comedy on Netflix. It makes me happy and I believe every day you should do things that make you happy. That's why I tend to not watch drama or shows where people act like a bunch of wankers. (MAFS excepted of course.)

So I watched Ricky Gervais' comedy special "Humanity" and I found it piss funny. I'd give it a 9/10.

In typical Ricky G fashion all of the best gags were the 'politically incorrect' material. A lot of the best humour was derived from making fun of people who've been offended by his gags in recent years.

The hilarious Twitter fight he had with a Christian who said he'd laugh when Ricky gets raped by Satan in hell. But good old Atheist Ricky goads him "What would a good Christian be doing in hell watching a rape? Surely you'd be next when Satan realises there's a Christian in hell?"

Ricky has also copped flack for "Dead-naming" Caitlyn Jenner. Dead-naming is using a name that is now 'dead'. Yes apparently you can't use the word Bruce to describe Caitlyn, even though she went by the name for 58 years. 

Did you know that Canada has now passed a law making it illegal to use the wrong gender pronoun. So if we were all in Canada and you kept calling Caitlyn Jenner 'he' , SHE could have your ass locked up for hate crimes. Ludicrous. 

What if you're just a slow learner? I bet my Dad still calls Caitlyn he. Does dad deserve to be locked up just because he's not up to date with the status of Bruce Jenner's wang? I call all my guy friends 'bitch', WOULD I GET LOCKED UP IN CANADA???

The only comedy special that I have given 10/10 to on Netflix so far is Judd Apatow's 'The Return' and it's because I'm already a massive fan of his. Others might not love it as much as I did. 

His set was littered with Nazi and Jewish jokes: 

 "I feel like we are the Jews who cried Nazi. No one believes it. If you call someone a Nazi, they’ll be like, ‘You said that about Mel Gibson and I saw ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ and it was very good.’”

Judd is of course a Jew so he can make these kinds of jokes. 

Not so lucky was the You Tuber from Scotland who was locked up for inciting "hate speech" after making a You Tube video where he tried to make his gorgeous Pug Dog look 'not cute'. But I could imagine Judd Apatow getting away this this.... 

The man made the dog watch Hitler documentaries and tried to teach him to do the "Hail Hitler" salute - AS A JOKE - and 17 days later HE GOT ARRESTED AND CHARGED AND LOCKED UP!!! When it happened Ricky Gervais actually went in to bat for the guy on Twitter saying the arrest goes against free speech.
They possibly locked him up because of the earrings​

Sadly Bunsters falls in to the same category as the above mentioned boundary pushers. My sauce has been removed from the shelves of some shops because of a couple of whinging c**ts, (and a shop manager who had no fucking balls.) All the staff told the Boss: "We sell so much of this sauce, people come in looking for it, we make heaps of money from it" and the boss still bowed to that one vocal old c**t.

So basically I am just like Ricky Gervais. Where is my $40 million Netflix special, bitch?

Love Bunster

P.S. Another awesome unPC Netflix special is Chris Rock's Tamborine. I would give it an 8/10. Some of his un PC barbs: "You should punch your Black sons in the face to get them ready for life in a white world" and "You think occasionally cops would shoot a white kid just to even it up?" He's also pro-bullying too, thinks a few hardships prepares kids for life. Pressure makes diamonds! Wise words.


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March 28, 2018 by Bunsters Worldwide
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